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Giving Back to the Community

Charity Donation – A Lime Cottage Vacation Rental


One of the things we love about Anna Maria Island is the wildlife. There are many species of seabird including Herons and Pelicans. Loggerhead turtles come ashore to lay their eggs on the beaches. Dolphins are often seen cruising up the gulf side of the island just off shore. If you’re lucky you’ll catch a glimpse of a manatee in and around the intercoastal waterway.

We want to show our support for those who care for and seek to preserve these special animals. We make a donation to two local charities for every week that a Lime Cottage is leased.


Lime beach house turtle hatchling video


From May 1st to October 31st each year, Anna Maria Island is the nesting ground for hundreds of endangered loggerhead turtles. When the nests hatch, hatchlings head for the water guided by the moon’s reflection. Sadly, the baby turtles can become disoriented by bright lights and end up heading inland where they don’t survive.

The "Turtle Watch" is a group of dedicated volunteers who actively participate in protecting this endangered species. Turtle Watch volunteers educate the public on how to avoid disrupting mother turtles, hatchlings and nests. The “lights out for sea turtles” program encourages beachfront property owners to keep beach-facing lights off during hatching season. During hatching season, volunteers monitor nests often sitting up overnight to do so.

During June, July and August, volunteers will give morning beach tours as they check on the nests. You can contact Turtle Watch to make a reservation call 941 778 5638.



Just a block from a Lime Cottage is the Wildlife, Inc. Education and Rehabilitation center. Gail and Ed Straight have been helping rescue and rehabilitate injured and orphaned animals since 1988. They handle between 3000 and 4000 cases every year.

If you walk a bit north on Avenue B, you’ll find Wildlife, Inc.You’ll know when you’ve arrived by the tortoises and bunny rabbits in the front yard. The backyard of the property is home to an aviary with convalescing parrots, owls, ducks, falcons and other birds and cages with small mammals.

When they’re not rescuing and caring for the animals, Ed and Gail spend time speaking to schools and interested groups about wildlife conservation.




Nuisance insects are kept at bay by this tiny guy and others like him.  Even the seagulls look better in the south. A brown pelican on the Bridge St. pier.  
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